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Dongguan Annxin Electronics Co., Ltd.
복합 전문 공급업체
주요 제품:RF 동축 케이블, USB 스위치 케이블, FTDI 콘솔 케이블, 네트워크 케이블, OEM 와이어 하네스
ODM services availableCooperated suppliers (20)Sample-based customizationFast delivery
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Dongguan Annxin Technology Co., Ltd. established in 2015 and always offers customers professional service, superior quality, fast delivery and follow-up service for each business transaction. Specializing in the production of FTDI cables, ON/OFF switch cables,Network cables,RF coaxial cables and related products, we also accept O E M orders.With skilled workers and strong managed supply chains, we have obvious advantages in delivery time,quality controlling and customer service as well as competitive price and value-added services.

FTDI Console Cable
스위치 케이블
RF 동축 케이블 어셈블리
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